Meet Our Staff

One of the things that set Spartan Irrigation apart from other irrigation companies is our dedicated, experienced staff. All of our Spartan staff is knowledgeable, personable, courteous and committed to your satisfaction with our company. Our customers look forward to seeing their Experienced Service Technician...and you will too.

Management Team:
  • Jerry Grossi, CLP
  • Ed Dudgeon
  • Carl Eggleston, CIC and CID
  • Tiffany Greenman
Sales, Customer Service and Support Team:
  • Paul Meloche
  • Kelly Morse
  • Sue Baker
  • Rose Benjamin
  • Shirley Mayer
Installation Team:
  • Ben Perez
  • Cesar Guzman
  • Johnny Vallejo
Service Technician Team:

  • Tim Kenny
  • Laryn Butzler
  • Brian Garcia
  • Jerry Jones
  • Joe Quinn
  • Harvey Rossman
  • Alex Sims
  • Tom Hankinson
  • Jeffrey Colburn
  • Alex Medek
  • Dakota Robbin
  • John Carter
  • David Miller
  • Chris Campbell
  • Jordan Bond
  • Riley Spencer