Landscape Lighting Techniques

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Spartan installs commercial grade lighting including the Kichler and Hadco lighting lines. The benefit of using a commercial grade lighting line is a wide range of fixture availability lending endless possibilities of design and lighting technique. A Spartan Irrigation lighting design encompasses many lighting techniques to achieve the appropriate look and feel for your landscape while fulfilling the homeowner’s desires.

Accent Lighting - These are intense controlled beams of light to accent your flowers, and to create a dazzling pool of interest.

Background Lighting - Light up large walls or tall trees and create an effect similar to diffused lighting.

Contour Lighting - This a type of down-lighting created with tier lights to show off the contour of the landscape, ideal for emphasizing borders and garden paths.

Cross Lighting - Lighting a tree or statue from two or more directions reveals a three dimensional perspective.

Diffused Lighting - These units cast a soft light over a wide area with a low-level illumination ideal for patios, decks and driveways.

Down-Lighting - A common technique accomplished by mounting lights high in trees to cast light over a wide area. This is your general ambient light so you can entertain in your back yard, it also helps for security and safety.

Grazing - Positioning lights close to an interesting deeply textured surface is known as grazing. The light will highlight the raised edges of the surface while casting deep dark shadows in the crevices. This emphasizes the texture of a tree, or a brick wall.

Mirror Lighting - This is achieved by lighting up a tree or other garden element so that it is reflected in a pool of water.

Moonlighting - This is much like down lighting, but you use softer lights positioned very high in a tree to simulate the effect of the moonlight filtering through the branches casting attractive shadows.

Path Lighting - These are lights used to outline paths, driveways, and steps which may look decorative but it really helps for safety and security.

Shadowing - This is similar to moonlighting but you light an object from the front and below to project the shadow on to a wall.

Silhouetting - Create a magical profile by concealing the lights behind and below a tree.

Spot Lighting - Aim a floodlight at statues or other garden elements.

Up Lighting - Lights aimed upwards at an interesting tree, large shrubs, a statue, or other architectural point of interest. Imagine the softly lit autumn leaves of your favorite tree rustling in the evening breeze.