Landscape Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

For Commercial and Residential

* With so many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) systems available why should I consider a professionally installed lighting system?

DIY kits do not produce the same quality of light or provide the same durability that a commercial grade system does. The transformers supplied with DIY kits are typically under-powered. Both the fixtures and the transformer are often made of inexpensive plastic that lacks durability. These systems come pre-packaged with under-powered fixtures and lacks flexibility of use. The results of these systems are lack-luster at best.

* Why does Spartan Irrigation only use low-voltage lighting?

In addition to being safer and more energy efficient, low-voltage lighting systems provide much cleaner and sharper lighting that is impossible to achieve with high-voltage systems. Low-voltage systems provide light to accentuate a given area subtly while high-voltage systems provide too much light at the source, drawing attention to the light source and away from the area you are trying to light.

* Is service available after the warranty period?

Yes. Spartan Irrigation has a fully staffed and equipped service department. We can service most brands of low-voltage landscape lighting systems. We even have a Lighting Service Contract for your convenience and worry-free ongoing maintenance of your system.

* What is Spartan Irrigation's lighting warranty?

Spartan Irrigation extends and backs all manufacture warranties on all fixtures, equipment and installation accessories. We provide a full one-year warranty against any defects of workmanship.

* Will there be any damage to my lawn or landscape during installation?

No. If trenching is required across the lawn, a small incision is made about 6-8 inches deep, the wire is placed inside, and the grass folded over top of it. In just a few days you will not be able to tell an incision was made. In planting beds, the mulch or ground cover is carefully raked back, the wire is inserted into the surface of the soil and restored to its original condition.

* How long will installation take?

Installations will vary from a few hours to a few days depending on the complexity and size of the system.

* Will Spartan Irrigation come to my home or business for a free estimate?

Yes. We meet with you to discuss your specific lighting needs and perform an on-site analysis to evaluate the size and layout of your property. We then provide you with written estimates including all product and labor costs.