Why Choose Spartan Irrigation?

Founded in 1976, Spartan Irrigation has become one of Michigan’s leading residential, commercial, and athletic-facility sprinkler system installation and service companies. We offer services in Lansing, Jackson, Battle Creek, Southeastern Michigan, and all surrounding areas. Spartan understands that professional irrigation design and installation are the keys to the lasting performance of every sprinkler system. Contact us at (800) 331-1746 to schedule a free consultation.

Professional Design & Installation

At Spartan Irrigation, we design and install each sprinkler system using the latest technology and the best irrigation installation techniques. We stand behind our work by offering a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Our experienced service staff will keep your sprinkler system installation running at optimal performance and efficiency. Providing outstanding customer service is our commitment to you.

Certified Irrigation Designers

Our experienced Certified Irrigation Designers (CIDs) carefully determine all aspects of the system design before we begin the installation. During the design process, we carefully:

  • Evaluate your water source and pressure.
  • Assess the unique watering requirements of your lawn, gardens, planters, and shrubbery as well as slope, sun, and shade exposures.
  • Select sprinkler head types and positioning to guarantee proper coverage.
  • Follow the laws of water hydraulics to calculate the appropriate number and types of watering zones.
  • Determine controller type for best water practices.
  • Suggest design elements and equipment options to improve the longevity, efficiency, and ease of use of the irrigation system.

Expert Irrigation System Installation

We insist on using the highest quality, professional-grade lawn irrigation products from leading manufacturers including K-Rain, Irritrol, and Toro. Our on-staff Master Plumber is available for all the plumbing required for your new irrigation system and can perform backflow certifications that are regularly required by many municipalities. Whenever possible, we use a vibratory plow for “trenchless” pipe installation. Because vibratory plows do not excavate the soil, they are less destructive than standard trenchers on an established lawn. The existing sod heals quickly. After a few days of regular water and healing, there is little evidence that we were ever there.

We pay close attention to unseen details, making sure that we:

  • Safeguard the electrical components with special, waterproof wire connections.
  • Properly groom, compact, and clean up any area of disturbed soil or grass.
  • Install sprinkler heads and valve boxes level to the grade.
  • Position sprinkler heads at a consistent distance from hardscape and bed edges.
  • Properly adjust all heads to your satisfaction.

Available For Year-Round Questions

We will never leave you feeling uncomfortable with the operation of your new sprinkler system. At Spartan Irrigation, we set you up to grow a lush lawn by teaching you how to use your new irrigation controller and we provide a suggested watering schedule after installation! If additional questions arise after the installation, we are always available to make sure you have continued enjoyment of your landscape irrigation system.

The Spartan Irrigation Advantage

Along with our professional sprinkler system installations and sprinkler system service and repair, we offer a number of first-rate benefits, such as:

  • Comprehensive insurance program including General Liability and Worker’s Compensation on every employee.
  • Large enough to offer fast, convenient scheduling, and small enough to provide caring, quality service.
  • Extensive experience and well-trained on up-to-date technologies, such as smart-phone irrigation systems.

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The Spartan Promise

We promise that at Spartan Irrigation, average is just not good enough. Period. We promise to honor your trust in us. We promise to be prompt, professional, and attentive to your needs. We promise to provide a caring and friendly experience with each and every product and service we provide. Above all, we promise that every day you will get our best.

Michigan’s Experts Since 1976

In addition to our irrigation services, Spartan also provides landscape lighting services, lawn care and fertilization programs, and holiday lighting packages in Lansing, Jackson, Battle Creek, Southeastern Michigan, and all surrounding areas. Contact us today at (800) 331-1746 to schedule a free consultation.