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Since 1976, Spartan Irrigation has been installing a variety of landscape lighting designs across Lansing, Jackson, and surrounding Michigan communities. As Michigan’s service and installation experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and install several types of outdoor landscape lighting installations. To find out more, contact us at (800) 331-1746.

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You can enjoy your yard and landscape year-round with a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system. Not only is outdoor lighting functional and aesthetic, but it is designed to add lasting value to your property and home. At Spartan, we install professional-grade, low voltage lighting systems that use the most current energy-efficient LED technology.

As people enjoy the comforts of their homes, outdoor sanctuaries have become the new rooms to live and entertain in, from dusk to dawn. To ensure the functionality and flair of outdoor spaces, selecting a professional landscape lighting planner and installer, such as Spartan Irrigation, is among the most important decisions a homeowner can make.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Proper Planning

Carefully planned landscape lighting can transform your property at night, turning trees, buildings, and other features into dramatic focal points. Exterior lighting is also essential for safety along paths and walkways, and around decks, patios, and stairs.

As your landscape evolves, plants mature, trees gain height and breadth, and shrubbery and flower beds continue to evolve. An effective outdoor lighting design system must be flexible to encompass these changes. The minimal disruption of the initial installation and the ease with which changes are accomplished with a low-voltage system are key factors in accommodating the slow-paced dynamic of the outdoor environment. Planning for the present includes planning for the future.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety & Security

When properly installed, landscape lighting adds an extra level of safety to your home and property. Many safety experts recommend landscape lighting as an important component in a home security system. Next to alarms, exterior lighting is one of the best deterrents to nighttime crime, including burglaries, vandalism, and unwanted visitors.

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Landscape Lighting Techniques & Options for Your Home

The team at Spartan installs and services all major commercial grade, low-voltage lighting brands including the Kichler and Alliance lighting lines. The major benefit of using a commercial grade lighting line is a wide range of fixture availability that provides endless possibilities of design and lighting technique. An outdoor lighting installation encompasses many lighting techniques to achieve the appropriate look and feel for your landscape while fulfilling the homeowner’s desires.

  • Accent lighting ─ This includes intense controlled beams of light to accent your flowers and to create a dazzling pool of interest.
  • Background lighting ─ Light up large walls or tall trees to create an effect similar to diffused lighting.
  • Contour lighting ─ This is a type of down-lighting created with tier lights to show off the contour of the landscape, and it is also ideal for emphasizing borders and garden paths.
  • Cross lighting ─ Lighting a tree or statue from two or more directions reveals a three dimensional perspective.
  • Diffused lighting ─ These units cast a soft light over a wide area with a low-level illumination and are ideal for patios, decks, and driveways.
  • Down-lighting ─ A common technique accomplished by mounting lights high in trees to cast light over a wide area. This is a general ambient light for entertaining in your backyard, as well as providing security and safety.
  • Grazing ─ Positioning lights close to an interesting, deeply textured surface is known as grazing. The light will highlight the raised edges of the surface while casting deep dark shadows in the crevices. This emphasizes the texture of a tree or a brick wall.
  • Mirror lighting ─ This is achieved by lighting up a tree or other garden element so that it is reflected in a pool of water.
  • Moonlighting ─ This is much like down-lighting, but it uses softer bulbs. Lights are positioned very high in a tree, simulating the effect of the moonlight filtering through the branches and casting attractive shadows.
  • Path lighting ─ These lights outline paths, driveways, and steps which look decorative but are also very helpful for safety and security.
  • Shadowing ─ Similar to moonlighting, an object is lit from the front and below to project a shadow onto a wall.
  • Silhouetting ─ Create a magical profile by concealing lights behind and below a tree.
  • Spot lighting ─ Aim a floodlight at statues or other garden elements.
  • Up Lighting ─ Lights are aimed upwards at an interesting tree, large shrubs, statue, or other architectural point of interest. Imagine the softly lit autumn leaves of your favorite tree rustling in the evening breeze.

Landscape Lighting Service & Repairs

At Spartan Irrigation, we are fully equipped to service your low-voltage landscape lighting system, as well as ensure that your exterior landscape lights look as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Our service contract includes:

  • Checking lighting fixtures and replacing expired bulbs.
  • Clearing lenses of leaf litter, mulch, and other debris.
  • Adjusting and straightening fixtures if foliage has grown around them.
  • Adjust timers to reflect changes for Daylight Savings Time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY kits do not produce the same quality of light or provide the same durability that a commercial grade system does. The transformers supplied with DIY kits are typically under-powered. Both the fixtures and the transformer are often made of inexpensive plastic that lacks durability. These systems come pre-packaged with under-powered fixtures and lack flexibility of use. The results of these systems are lack-luster at best.

In addition to being safer and more energy-efficient, low-voltage landscape lighting systems provide cleaner and sharper lighting that is impossible to achieve with high-voltage systems. Low-voltage systems provide light to accentuate a given area subtly while high-voltage systems provide too much light at the source, drawing attention to the light source and away from the area you are trying to light.

Yes. Spartan has a fully staffed and equipped service department. We can install and service all major commercial grade low-voltage landscape lighting systems, including the Kichler and Alliance lighting brands. We even have a Lighting Service Contract for your convenience and worry-free continual maintenance of your system.

Spartan Irrigation extends and backs all manufacturer warranties on all fixtures, equipment, and installation accessories. We provide a full one-year warranty against any defects of workmanship.

No. If required, we use trenchless installation. A small incision is made about 6-8 inches deep, the wire is placed inside, and the grass folded over top of it. In just a few days you will not be able to tell that an incision was made. In planting beds, mulch or ground cover is carefully raked back, the wire is inserted into the surface of the soil, and it is restored to its original condition.

Outdoor landscape lighting installations vary from a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity and size of the system.

Yes. We meet with you to discuss your specific landscape lighting needs and perform an on-site analysis to evaluate the size and layout of your property. We then provide you with written estimates including all product and labor costs.

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Contact us at (800) 331-1746 to schedule a landscape lighting consultation. Be sure to ask us about our sprinkler system installations, sprinkler system service and repair, and holiday lighting services. Centrally located, Spartan gladly serves the communities of Lansing, Jackson, Battle Creek, and all nearby areas.