Sprinkler System Service & Repairs

Since 1976, Spartan Irrigation has been providing high-quality sprinkler system repair in Lansing, Jackson, and surrounding Michigan communities. With our exceptional customer service and extensive training in the latest irrigation service techniques, Spartan will keep your lawn looking lush and pristine all summer long. Contact us at (800) 331-1746 to schedule a service call today.

Commercial & Residential Irrigation Services

Spartan Irrigation employs a fully equipped service department offering maintenance and repairs on all types of lawn sprinkler systems for nearly every brand of underground sprinkler and drip irrigation system.

Typical repairs we complete include:

  • Controller replacement.
  • Valve locating and replacement.
  • Leak detection and repair.
  • Rain sensor installation and replacement.
  • Wiring repair.
  • Electrical troubleshooting.
  • Two-wire system troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Sprinkler head replacement.
  • Pressure problem troubleshooting.
  • Hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair.
  • Design and equipment upgrades.
  • Post landscaping design and remodeling.
  • SMART Irrigation.

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Sprinkler System Maintenance for All Seasons

Keep your irrigation system running smoothly and efficiently throughout all seasons with our seasonal lawn sprinkler service programs! Choose one or all of the following programs below:

  • Our spring start-up gets your sprinkler system up and running for the season.
  • The summer program efficiently adjusts your watering schedule for current summer weather conditions.
  • Fall winterization properly safeguards your irrigation system against freeze damage.

Your #1 Lawn Irrigation Repair Team

Spartan’s service technicians are fully trained and experienced. Our service trucks are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment to service almost every type of lawn sprinkler system. We can respond quickly to any lawn sprinkler service call with unparalleled customer care and quality service. Along with being fully trained, all of our technicians are experienced with:

  • Current sprinkler system technologies.
  • Premiere irrigation installation techniques.
  • Irrigation systems controlled through your WiFi using your smartphone.
  • All major manufacturers including Irritrol, K-Rain, Toro, Rain Bird, and Hunter Industries.
  • And more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic maintenance is required to ensure the effective operation of your system. The most important services are the fall winterization and spring start-up. In the fall, we shut down the system and blow out the lines to eliminate the risk of freezing pipes. In the spring, we turn the system back on, evaluate each zone, adjust heads, and reset the controller.

Because weather conditions in the Midwest vary so greatly between the spring start-up service and the fall winterization, we strongly recommend that you also consider the summer efficiency adjustment program. This program allows us to identify repairs that may have arisen during the watering season and make important adjustments to your watering schedules to accommodate the hot summer months. Proper watering schedules in the hot summer months are critical to the long-term health of your lawn and plants.

While water is a key ingredient for a healthy lawn, it is not the only answer. Fertilization is generally required for that lush green look for a healthy and greener lawn. Our sister company, ArborLawn, is happy to answer all your lawn care questions.

We recommend installing a rain sensor on all sprinkler systems. The sensor is set to automatically shut off the system when the amount of rain reaches a certain level. Once an appropriate level of dryness is reached, the system will automatically restart.

Michigan’s Service & Installation Experts Since 1976

Spartan’s custom design experience with a staff dedicated to detail will help give you an amazing lawn. Contact us today at (800) 331-1746. Along with our first-class sprinkler system repair and service department, we also provide holiday lighting and landscape lighting services for both residential and commercial applications. Centrally located, we gladly serve the communities of Lansing, Jackson, Southeastern Michigan, and all nearby areas.