It seems like people want to put out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year. Not only are folks calling Spartan Irrigation for outdoor holiday lighting, but they’re also setting up that Christmas tree weeks before Thanksgiving. But, honestly, we can’t blame them! The holidays are a joyful time of year, and we could all use a little spark of happiness these days. So, what’s the harm in setting up early? Nothing! In fact, here are three other reasons you should!

3 Benefits of Early Christmas Decorating

1. Fun for Everyone

No matter your age, decorating for Christmas is fun for everyone! Not only is this a great time to start new family traditions, but it’s also a special time to carry on old ones. Some families might choose to pick out new ornaments for the tree every year. Others might put up miniature themed trees in their children’s bedrooms. Either way, putting out Christmas décor early is a great way to spend quality family time and have some fun!

2. Less Hassle

Starting early means you’ll have more time to spend with family. Think about it: How much time do you spend decorating the home and putting out holiday lights the weekend after Thanksgiving? Probably all day, if not all weekend. But when you start decorating early or hire our lighting professionals, you can spend more time with your family and actually enjoy all the joy that comes with the holiday season. Plus, our professional lighting services include maintenance and tear down, so everything about it is hassle-free!

3. Spread Joy

There’s something so peaceful and joyful about the twinkle of Christmas lights once the sun goes down. What’s even more beautiful is when there’s a fresh blanket of snow. When you decorate your home inside and out before the holidays hit, you not only share a longer season of joy with your family, but your neighbors also benefit. Early decorating also means you and your neighbors can take a fun and relaxing stroll through your neighborhood, enjoying everyone’s holiday lights. 

Enjoy the Holidays

Putting up your own outdoor holiday lights sounds fun, but the truth is it can be a grueling task. If you don’t want to hassle with it this year in order to spend more time with family, then give Spartan Irrigation a call! Our holiday lighting professionals have all the equipment and strands needed to create a custom holiday lighting look for your home. We proudly serve residents throughout Lansing, MI, and the surrounding areas, so contact us today at (517) 882-1826. Don’t forget to ask us about landscape lighting or sprinkler installation and repairs