Professional landscape lighting can increase your home’s value and improve curb appeal. With the help from Spartan Irrigation, you can give the front of your home or your backyard a stunning new look. Our team of expert landscapers can turn an ordinary outdoor space into a tranquil and elegant living area. If you’re wondering why you should consider landscape lighting, here are several benefits to consider.

3 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

1. Increase Home Security

One of the most significant benefits of installing landscape lighting is the added security. A well-lit home can be discouraging for unwelcome guests and thus can keep intruders away from your property. It’s also beneficial when coupled with your outdoor security cameras, giving you more light for higher-quality videos. Many homeowners feel safer with soft, outdoor lighting around their porches and lining their walkways. 

2. Improve Home Safety

Nothing is more terrifying than descending a walkway or set of steps that aren’t well lit. To ensure both your safety and the safety of your guest, light up your front steps or back patio steps with landscape lighting. Solar lighting pucks can easily be installed underneath each step, offering a soft, elegant glow and illuminating the level below.  

3. Extend Use of Outdoor Spaces

During the warmer months, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to enjoy their backyard patios, decks, and pools well into the evening. Installing a variety of landscape lighting fixtures can ensure that this space can be used, even as the sun goes down. You can relax, knowing your backyard is well lit, comfortable, and enjoyable for your guests, and that you can all enjoy the outdoors well into the night. 

Illuminate Your Landscape

No matter your reasons for wanting landscape lighting, Spartan Irrigation is here for you. You can choose from path lighting, grazing, silhouetting, and so much more! To find the right kind of lighting for your home in Lansing, MI, or to inquire about our lawn sprinkler services, contact us today at (517) 882-1826.