Installing a sprinkler system is one of the best ways to keep your lawn green all summer long. With perfectly timed sprinkler settings, you get a well-watered lawn twice a day, every day. However, some homeowners are suspicious of the installation process because they fear their yard will be torn up and left recovering for several months. That’s just not the case when you choose Spartan Irrigation. Our trenchless pipe installation method uses the latest technology in sprinkler installation. Here are three of its advantages.

3 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Installation

1. Less Destruction

Trenchless pipe installation uses a vibrating machine to pull the piping of your sprinkler system through the dirt below the surface. This method results in less destruction to your sod, and it will appear as if we’ve never been to your home. Digging standard trenches also means heavier equipment that can tear up your entire yard, but with trenchless installation, a single machine is all we use for the entire project. 

2. Faster Recovery

With less destruction and fewer pieces of equipment needed, your lawn can quickly recover from the installation of your sprinkler system. Many homeowners report that their sod is back to normal in a few days. This fast recovery means you won’t have to worry about dead spots, uneven dirt patches, or an unsightly lawn for the rest of the summer. 

3. Quick Installation

With trenchless pipe installation, your sprinkler project can be completed in a day. After mapping out your lawn for an optimal sprinkler setup, we get right to work. Using the trenchless method allows us to make smaller entry holes and pull the piping quickly through the ground. Before you know it, your sprinkler system is operational and ready for use.

Call the Sprinkler Experts

When you need to install a new sprinkler system or want to expand your current one, call the team at Spartan Irrigation. Not only do we specialize in sprinkler system repairs, but we also use the most recent installation technology. Trenchless pipe installation makes our jobs easier, and you’ll hardly know we were there. That’s why residents throughout Lansing, MI, trust our sprinkler experts. To schedule your installation appointment or get a quote, contact us today at (800) 331-1764.