Lush, green lawns are all the rage during the spring and summer months. Many homeowners, like yourself, are preparing to nurture their dormant blades or plant new grass seed as warmer weather approaches. In Michigan, cool-season grasses thrive and are what most home and business owners choose to plant. These blades are easy to maintain and you can rely on them to come back year after year, despite the harsh winters. At Spartan Irrigation, we provide a variety of irrigation services throughout Lansing, MI. Here’s a look at the three of the most common grasses we see.common-types-of-grass-in-Michigan

1. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is often confused with Kentucky bluegrass but, in fact, it is a different species. It can germinate and sprout in five days or less under the right conditions. People love this grass, and many lawn care services recommend mixing these seeds with a slower growing grass. However, ryegrass tends to require a lot of attention, water, and fertilization, and doesn’t spread like other species. 

2. Kentucky Bluegrass

Varieties of Kentucky bluegrass can be found throughout the state and are rather popular with homeowners. This small, thin-bladed grass is tough and can handle a lot of foot traffic. These seeds do require some patience and are very thirsty, especially during the hot months of summer. However, once fully grown, they thrive in direct sunlight and make lawns look green and full. 

3. Tall Fescue

Unlike other grasses found in Michigan, tall fescue has a deep root system, making it one of the most durable options for lawns with pets or children. These blades are also drought-resistant and don’t require as much maintenance from your lawn care service. If you plant tall fescue, cover your entire yard rather than a few spots, since this type of grass has a different appearance and doesn’t blend in well with other grass types. 

Expert Irrigation Services

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