Holiday lights and decorations bring plenty of joy and cheer to the season. Whether you put up your lights yourself or hire lighting professionals, you should follow holiday lighting etiquette. As lighting experts, Spartan Irrigation is aware of all the proper rules and formalities. Not only do we take your requests and home design into consideration, but we also make sure your lighting won’t become an issue for your neighbors. Nevertheless, we wanted to share some of our top tips with you.

3 Holiday Lighting Etiquette Tips

1. Be Aware

We get it; you love your holiday lighting just as much as we do! But, that doesn’t mean you should hang every light bulb or not be considerate of your neighbors. If you live in a neighborhood with close neighbors, you might want to be aware of their floor plan. A good rule of thumb is to avoid hanging lights that will shine directly into a bedroom. Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor about their home. They’ll appreciate the courtesy, and you’ll score points for being a friendly neighbor.

2. Set the Timer

Outdoor holiday lighting setups usually come with a timer. Not only does this save on your energy costs during December, but it also ensures that your neighbors aren’t bothered by your constant illumination. As guidance, we recommend setting your lighting timer to turn lights on from around dusk until midnight. Generally speaking, not too many people are out late, driving around looking at lights. So, having a timer will ensure your lights are on for onlookers during appropriate hours. 

3. Be Conscious of Bigger Decorations

If your holiday lighting decorations include large blow-up lawn ornaments, make sure you don’t put these in the line of sight for neighbors or drivers. While they’re fun to look at, try to avoid blocking your neighbor’s driveway or their street view when backing out. Adjusting your layout isn’t just neighborly, it’s also safe and ensures everyone driving through your neighborhood can enjoy your lawn’s holiday lighting. It’s always best to set these blow-up decorations somewhere near the house, rather than by the road.

We Do It All

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Spartan Irrigation does it all. We plan your design, hang your lights, replace missing or broken bulbs, take your lights down, and store them. This is just one way we’re able to continue to serve residents throughout Lansing, Jackson, Hillsdale, and Battle Creek, MI. Once the weather gets warmer, we can also help with sprinkler repairs and installations, and landscape lighting. Contact us at (517) 882-1826 to learn more.