Professional installation and management of your landscape lighting is a great way to enjoy outdoor spaces all year long. If you’re looking to spruce up your landscaping this spring, then a new lighting design might be right up your alley. Here at Spartan Irrigation, we pride ourselves in designing, planning, and maintaining landscape lighting. We know that the purpose of lighting should be both for function and aesthetic appeal. So, here are some lighting design ideas that will give your home a new look.

3 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

1. Uplighting

Do you have an interesting tree, statue, or entryway that you want to illuminate once the sun goes down? Uplighting is the perfect way to accomplish this: lights are placed in specific places to highlight key features and make your landscaping or exterior walls stand out. They cast a soft glow that makes your home look warm and welcoming to guests and neighbors. You can play around with different fixtures and placements to find the best lighting effects.

2. Mirror Lighting

If you have a backyard pond or body of water with trees or landscaping, you can accentuate these features at night with mirror lighting. This design technique involves the use of lights to cast a mirror image of the desired object(s) onto the water. This can create a romantic or peaceful scene for you and your guests to enjoy on a clear night. Mirror lighting adds just another fascinating feature to your landscape lighting. 

3. Wall Grazing

For homes with brick or stone exterior walls, wall grazing is a unique landscape lighting design that highlights the home’s features. Grazing involves putting lights in positions that highlight the raised or protruding edges of the wall while casting deep shadows into the crevices. These lights are typically placed about one foot away from the wall and shine directly up the wall, creating the dramatic effect that homeowners desire. 

Light Up Your Home

When you’re looking to give your home and landscaping a new look, turn to Spartan Irrigation for expert lighting services. We utilize professional grade, low voltage LED lighting systems so that you can get the most out of your new investment. We’ll even maintain the entire system once it’s installed, so you never have to worry about burned out bulbs or malfunctioning lights. We also offer additional services to Lansing, MI, residents, including sprinkler repair and maintenance and full sprinkler system installation. To schedule your appointment, contact us today at (517) 882-1826.