Sprinkler systems offer a level of convenience that isn’t available with other types of watering systems. However, they can experience wear and tear over time, leading to inefficiencies or malfunctions. When these occur, homeowners throughout Lansing, MI, call on Spartan Irrigation for sprinkler repairs. So, how can you tell if your sprinkler system is on the fritz? Let’s explore that together.

3 Signs Your Sprinkler System is On the Fritz

1. Uneven Water Distribution

One of the first signs that your sprinkler system may is failing is uneven water distribution across your lawn or garden. If you notice areas that are significantly drier or wetter than others, it could be a sign that some of the sprinkler heads are clogged, damaged, or misaligned. This can lead to wasted water, increased utility bills, and poor plant health.

2. Low Water Pressure

Another common indicator that your sprinkler system is on the fritz is low water pressure from the sprinkler heads. This can result in weak or sporadic spray patterns that do not adequately water your lawn or garden. Various factors, such as leaks in the system, clogged filters or nozzles, or issues with the main water supply line, can cause low water pressure. It is important to address low water pressure promptly to ensure proper irrigation and prevent damage to your landscaping.

3. Sputtering Sounds or Puddles

If you hear sputtering sounds from your sprinkler system when it is running or notice puddles forming around certain lawn areas after watering, it could indicate a significant problem with the system’s design or functionality. Sputtering sounds often suggest air pockets in the pipes or valves, while puddles may indicate leaks in the underground irrigation lines. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to more extensive damage over time and costly repairs down the road.

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Regular sprinkler maintenance checks and timely repairs by Spartan Irrigation can ensure your sprinkler system stays working properly. If you suspect that your sprinklers are not functioning as they should be, contact our team in Lansing, MI, at (517) 882-1826. If you’re interested in installing a system or landscape lighting, we do those things, too.