Caring for your landscaping starts with plenty of sunshine and water. Yet, when it comes to watering, there can be too much of a good thing. At Spartan Irrigation, our sprinkler systems are designed to work with the weather patterns to help keep your lawn green all year long. However, there is still a chance you might overwater your grass. Overwatering can put stress on roots, deplete the soil of nutrients, and make your lawn weak. So, if you notice any of these key signs, you’re likely overwatering.

3 Signs You're Overwatering Your Lawn

1. Wilting Grass

Limp, lifeless grass is often seen with lawns that need more water, not less. However, overwatering can cause the same symptoms as an underwatered lawn. If you start to notice that your grass is wilting or going limp, even after being watered, take this as a sign that it’s time to reduce watering. Grass blades will also lose their bright green color when they are drowning, so keep this in mind as well. 

2. Fungus

Lawn fungus can be difficult to diagnose and treat. That’s why it’s critical you don’t give it what it needs to thrive: moisture. Overwatering your lawn creates a healthy environment for fungi and even root rot. As a result, you might see signs of yellow or brown patches in your lawn, indicating you have a fungus problem. While overwatering may not always be the culprit, keeping the ground saturated won’t help eliminate it either.  

3. Runoff

A healthy lawn that’s ready to absorb water will not reject water in the form of runoff. Therefore, if you notice streams of water running down your driveway or pooling in areas of your lawn after watering, then you need to take this as a sign that the ground is full. In addition, runoff from your lawn is likely to take fertilizers and other soil nutrients with it. So, by limiting your watering times, you’ll also limit the runoff. 

Call for Sprinkler Service

If you think your sprinkler system is overwatering your lawn or malfunctioning in any way, then it’s time to call Spartan Irrigation for maintenance. An overwatered lawn may also be the symptom of a line leak, something we can detect and repair. If you think your lawn isn’t getting enough water, we can also install a new sprinkler zone or replace sprinkler heads. We can also hook you up with some new outdoor landscape lighting or holiday lighting around your home. So, if you live in or around Lansing, MI, give us a call today at (517) 882-1826