Innovative landscape lighting systems might seem like an unnecessary upgrade. But the truth is these systems come with many great benefits. We already know that outdoor lighting can help increase your home’s security and curb appeal, hence its popularity. Still, homeowners are hesitant to upgrade to smart technology. Here is where the team at Spartan Irrigation comes in. We offer a wide variety of landscape lighting options, including smart systems. So, here are five benefits homeowners can expect by calling us for installation.

5 Benefits of Smart Outdoor Lighting

1. Convenience

Today’s smart lighting systems easily integrate with the rest of your home’s technology. This means you can turn your outdoor lighting on and off directly from the devices you use every day. For example, program your Google Nest or Amazon Echo with new commands that permit them to turn on your outdoor lights. Or control everything right from your smartphone or tablet. Either way, you won’t need to leave the couch or even be home to control your home’s lighting. 

2. Adds Security

With smart systems, you can pre-program them to come on automatically. This is beneficial if you’re traveling, but it’s also an added peace of mind. Furthermore, you can receive notifications on your phone if there is a malfunction or something wrong with the lighting system while you’re away. Plus, programming your lights to come on automatically will make people think you’re home, even when you’re not. 

3. Easy Maintenance

Unlike other landscape lighting systems, smart systems utilize LED lightbulbs, which have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs. These bulbs are also more energy-efficient, which means you’re making a smart decision all the way around (pun intended). So, what does this mean from a maintenance standpoint? Well, it means you won’t be changing light bulbs as often. 

4. Transforms Your Home

Similar to smart indoor lighting systems, the outdoor versions transform the look and feel of any home’s exterior. They also come with various color options, which means you can easily give your home a new look at night with just the touch of a button. No need to change bulbs, just the settings. So, no matter what holiday or big party you’re throwing, you can transform the entire property to match the theme. 

5. Extends Living Spaces

If you don’t have landscape lighting right now, then you’re definitely missing out. Smart outdoor lighting systems can quickly elevate your backyard, giving you that midnight oasis you’ve been envisioning. This space is incredibly convenient in the warmer months, giving you a well-lit place to host dinner parties or a backyard movie night with the kids. 

Upgrade to Smart Landscape Lighting

Spring in Lansing, MI, is the perfect time to upgrade things around your home, including your landscape lighting and sprinkler system. So, if you’re in the market for either, make sure you call Spartan Irrigation. We proudly serve residents throughout the entire area. We even do regular maintenance and repairs on sprinkler systems. So, contact us today at (517) 882-1826