Maintaining your lush, green lawn during the spring and summer months takes a precise understanding of when and how much to water. Having an irrigation system means you take your lawn care seriously. However, regular maintenance and manual shut-off of your irrigation system can be a hassle. With the wrong settings, you could even be wasting water. That’s why Spartan Irrigation offers smart irrigation controllers that give you more flexibility over your lawn care. Here is everything you need to know about these WiFi controllers.

5 Facts About Smart Irrigation Controllers

1. Install a System with WaterSense

Just like your home appliances have an energy efficiency rating from the EPA, your smart irrigation system should also come with a WaterSense rating. This ensures that your system meets the EPA recommendations for water usage and can eliminate your risk of overwatering, especially during droughts or dry summers. You’ll save both money and the environment. 

2. Know Your Water Zone

Before you upgrade your current control panel to a smart irrigation system, it’s essential to know how many water zones you have. Each irrigation system is composed of multiple zones of tubing that send water to the sprinklers in one area at a time. Home water supplies don’t have the pressure or capacity to supply water to all the zones in your lawn at the same time, so it’s important to know how many you have before switching over. Find a system that’s compatible and will work with your current zones. 

3. Smart Controllers Require Rewiring

Installing your new WiFi smart controller takes some rewiring. Most homeowners are not confident enough to do this on their own, which is why they turn to our irrigation experts. However, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, the rewiring work involves low voltage and is similar to installing a smart doorbell or new thermostat.

4. Pair with Other Household AIs

If you’re looking for an irrigation system that can measure the moisture in the lawn, adjust when your lawn is watered, change times based on weather forecasts, and so much more, then a smart WiFi controller from Spartan Irrigation is right for you. You can even set up control for your new smart irrigation system with your Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. 

5.  May Not Be Effective for Small Lawns

One of the main reasons homeowners install an irrigation system is because the size of their lawn makes it difficult to maintain with traditional hoses and sprinklers. If your lawn is smaller, then a smart system may not be as effective for you. However, if you travel a lot for work or want something that will control how much effort you put into watering your lawn, then this might still be worth consideration. 

Trust the Irrigation Experts

Our team of lawn care providers at Spartan Irrigation is here to answer all of your questions about sprinkler systems. Our systems include the Hydro-Rain B-Hyve system as well as the Weathermatic Smart WiFi controller, and we proudly support residents throughout Lansing, Jackson, and Hillsdale, MI. To find out more about smart irrigation systems, give us a call today at (800) 331-1746.