The holidays are fast approaching, which means we’re all getting ready for the festivities, time with friends, and lots of laughs with the family. So, if your schedule is packed full of shopping and gatherings, let Spartan Irrigation take care of your holiday lighting and decorating. Here’s how and why you should choose our professional decorators this year and every year!

How Spartan Irrigation Gets You Ready for the Holidays

You Don’t Have to Worry about Bad Weather

At Spartan Irrigation, our top priority is safety. Inclement weather can make it hard to put up lights and decorations, especially when ice and sleet are involved. Thankfully, our team takes all the necessary precautions and has all the right equipment to hang your lights. We also have the proper equipment to secure lights so they won’t fall off the roof, even when the snow starts falling.

Your Lights Will Always Twinkle

No one wants to spend their holiday season dealing with a faulty light strand. At Spartan Irrigation, we use the best LED lighting, which means your lights will always twinkle. Should a light bulb ever go out, we’ll be there to replace it. Because we know nothing ruins the holiday spirit quite like a burnt-out section of lights.

The Professional Touch Adds a Dash of Something

Having professionals hang your holiday lighting and decor gives your home that polished look that makes every neighbor jealous. Our team expertly and meticulously designs your holiday lighting, working with your current landscape and vegetation to maximize the holiday cheer! When we’re done, your home is sure to be the best-looking, most festive house on the block.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season!

Let Spartan Irrigation take the hassle out of holiday decorating for you this year. With our team of experienced professionals, you can relax and enjoy your season, knowing that your Lansing home is looking its best! We bring the same level of professionalism to decorating as we do to sprinkler maintenance and landscape lighting. So, contact us today at (517) 882-1826.