Lawn watering often feels like an age-old dance – the constant choreography of hoses, watering cans, and the time-consuming commitment to keep your grass pristine. So, if you’re starting to wonder if an inground sprinkler system is worth it, Spartan Irrigation is here with some things to consider. Is an Inground Sprinkler System Worth It?

What Is an Inground Sprinkler System?

You may have seen them sprinkling discreetly in your neighbor’s yard. Inground sprinkler systems, also known as lawn irrigation systems, are comprised of a network of pipes and sprinklers installed beneath the surface of your lawn. They offer a fully automated approach to lawn hydration, delivering water precisely when and where needed.

The thought of a system that takes care of watering your lawn without any manual labor sounds appealing. However, the cost and real-world benefits can sometimes be a point of contention among homeowners. We’re here to offer a comprehensive view of what you could gain (or lose) by opting for an inground sprinkler system.

What Are the Benefits?

Time is the most valuable resource, and the inground sprinkler system gives you more of it. No more dragging hoses around, setting up sprinklers in the blistering sun, or standing guard to move them when it’s time. With a programmed schedule, your lawn receives the perfect amount of water without you even having to think about it. For busy homeowners, this convenience is priceless.

Additionally, consistent watering fosters deep and robust root growth, leading to a healthier and more vibrant lawn. The customizability of these systems makes it easy to adjust watering levels for different types of landscapes, further adding to the health and beauty of your yard.

What Should You Consider?

The initial cost of an inground sprinkler system can be one of its biggest deterrents. However, the long-term savings in time and potentially in water bills should also be considered when weighing this investment. Next to installation costs, you’ll want to consider maintenance. These systems aren’t immune to problems. Valves might need replacement, pipes can become damaged, and sprinkler heads might need cleaning or adjusting. Knowing the maintenance requirements upfront will help you understand the ongoing responsibility associated with an inground system.

Is an Inground System Worth It to You?

The decision to install an inground sprinkler system is not one to take lightly. Weighing the benefits against the costs and considering your own lifestyle and values is crucial. If you place a high value on convenience or are looking for ways to improve the value and appeal of your property, an inground system might just be your watering solution. Spartan Irrigation here in Lansing, MI, stands ready to give you a quote on an installation. We’ll even take care of the maintenance throughout the lifespan of your sprinkler system. We also offer landscape lighting! Contact us today at (517) 882-1826 to learn more.