We all love lush, green lawns, but have you ever thought about the right time to water them? While occasional watering is essential to keep your lawn healthy during the summer, there are times when using your sprinkler system isn’t a good idea. It might seem like a perfect opportunity, but Spartan Irrigation is here to explain why you shouldn’t water the lawn during a storm. Why You Shouldn't Water the Lawn During a Storm

It’s Not Effective

First and foremost, watering your lawn during a thunderstorm is not an effective use of water. During heavy downpours, your grass will soak up all the necessary rainfall. Therefore, extra watering by your sprinkler system isn’t necessary and could leave you with a soggy landscape following a rainstorm.

It’s Dangerous

Thunderstorms can bring all kinds of danger, including lightning and strong winds. These hazards can be amplified when you’re outside with electric-powered equipment like sprinklers. Even if the thunderstorm is not directly overhead, the falling water can conduct electricity from nearby lightning strikes, putting you and your family at risk of electric shock.

It’s Bad for Your Lawn

Watering your lawn during a thunderstorm may seem like a great way to give your lawn a boost, but it can do more harm than good. Overwatering your lawn during or after a thunderstorm can cause an increase in fungal growth and standing water, leading to brown patches, mold, and even mosquito problems that can make your yard unpleasant for your entire family.

Perfect Your Watering Schedule

Keeping your lawn healthy and green means knowing when to water your lawn with your sprinkler system. You can do so by installing a new smart sprinkler system or maintaining your current one properly. If you need help with either of these, Spartan Irrigation is here for you! Whether you live in Lansing, Hillsdale, or Jackson, MI, our sprinkler experts will be there for you. So, pick up the phone and contact us today at (517) 882-1826.