Summer Sprinkler System Efficiency Program

Spartan Irrigation understands the extreme weather conditions brought on by Michigan summers. This is why we offer our customers a budget-friendly and effective summer sprinkler system service throughout Lansing, Jackson, and surrounding Michigan communities. Contact us today for more information or to schedule this service by calling (800) 331-1746.

Summer Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance From Spartan

They say that average is just the middle of two extremes. Over the past few summers, it seems as though we have experienced every extreme of summer weather. These extremes have challenged Spartan Irrigation to find a better way to help our customers keep their installed irrigation systems running as efficiently as possible through the summer months.

Cost-Effective Summer Maintenance

Introducing Spartan’s Summer Efficiency Program! We offer three proactive, time-sensitive summer visits to evaluate and adjust the operation of your lawn irrigation system. This program will greatly reduce your potential for water waste by efficiently adjusting your watering schedule for current summer weather conditions – when your lawn and landscape need it most!

In turn, your watering dollars are invested as efficiently as possible while producing maximum dividends in the health of your lawn and landscape. As an added benefit, should Spartan find that a repair to your sprinkler system is needed at the same time as your summer visit(s), we will waive our regular service call fee and invoice only for the parts and associated repair labor.

Three Beneficial Irrigation Maintenance Options

For your convenience, the Summer Efficiency Program offers three options from which to choose:


Premiere Option:

This program consists of three summer checks timed for the ever-changing summer weather. If you choose this program, there will never be a service fee charged to you on any service calls during the entire watering season. If needed, parts and repair labor will be the only additional charges.


Deluxe Option:

This program allows the lawn sprinkler system to be evaluated and adjusted twice throughout the summer. The services will be timed during mid and late summer when we typically experience our most extreme temperature. If a repair is needed during these visits, we will make repairs on an additional time and material-only basis, saving you the normal service call fee.


Basic Option:

This includes a single, mid-summer visit to evaluate the system and adjust your irrigation watering schedule to accommodate the hot summer weather. Any repairs needed that are made at this visit will be charged on an additional time and materials-only basis, saving you the normal service call fee.

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Spartan Irrigation provides seasonal irrigation system maintenance with our spring start-up program, sprinkler system summer service, and fall winterization package. Contact us to learn more by calling (800) 331-1746. Centrally located since 1976, we have been serving the communities of Lansing, Jackson, Southeastern Michigan, and all nearby areas.