As you begin to think about spring, warmer weather, and sunshine, you should also be thinking about your sprinkler system. After months of lying dormant and being exposed to the bitter cold, your sprinkler system will likely need some repairs. However, it would be best if you didn’t attempt to make any of these repairs yourself. Instead, call the team at Spartan Irrigation. While we’re at it, we can make some springtime upgrades to improve your sprinklers and the entire control system.

3 Springtime Sprinkler System Updates

1. New Sprinkler Nozzles

During the winter, dirt and dead grass or leaves can compact and get into the sprinkler heads. This debris can also clog the nozzles and pipes, leading to low water pressure and inefficient watering once spring arrives. To ensure that your lawn is watered evenly, upgrading your sprinkler nozzles to more efficient ones will ensure you’re not wasting water yet still get a wider radius of water spray. An even watering pattern guarantees you don’t have standing water in some areas and dry patches in others. 

2. Updated Weather Sensors

If your sprinkler system has smart technology and weather sensors, upgrading these every few years ensures your sprinkler system keeps up with the weather. If you don’t have sensors in your sprinkler system, then it’s time to upgrade! These specialized sensors have one purpose: to detect weather changes and sense when rain is in the forecast. When our area is expecting rain, your sprinkler system won’t run or use as much water, saving you money on both your energy and water bills. 

3. WiFi Control

Who doesn’t love controlling their home technology from a cell phone? With smart irrigation technology, you can do just that. So, even if you’re away on vacation or at work, you can control the amount of water your lawn gets, when it gets watered, and even shut the system down ahead of a rainstorm. So, if you’re looking to integrate just one more system into your home’s smart technology, then this is the upgrade for you.

Let’s Make Some Sprinkler Upgrades

Getting your sprinkler system ready after a long, hard winter is no easy task. There could be unseen damage, which can lead to further disruption in your sprinkler system. The spring service from Spartan Irrigation includes a review of your system’s current design, assessment of any damages, completion of repairs, and recommendations for any upgrades or changes. We proudly serve residents throughout Lansing, Jackson, and Hillsdale, MI, with sprinkler installations and repairs. Contact us today at (517) 882-1826.