Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires a good irrigation system, and what better way to do it than with a sprinkler system from Spartan Irrigation? Sprinkler systems are revolutionary inventions that provide efficient and convenient irrigation to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. But did you know that certain things can put your sprinklers at risk of damage? Below, we explore three of these risks and why you should call us for repairs.

3 Things that Put Your Sprinklers at Risk of Damage

1. Poor Installation

One of the primary reasons sprinkler systems fail (and homeowners call us for repair) is due to poor installation. If your sprinklers aren’t installed correctly, there is a high chance they’ll malfunction. Some common installation mistakes include improperly placed sprinkler heads or the use of the wrong pipes. Furthermore, the use of poor-quality materials can accelerate issues and puts your sprinklers at risk of damage.

2. Heavy Equipment

Driving on your lawn can cause serious damage to your sprinkler system. Heavy equipment such as lawnmowers, tractors, or even cars put a lot of weight and pressure on the ground, leading to broken pipes or cracked heads. Unfortunately, damages like these are hard to repair without professional help. So, it’s advised not to drive vehicles over your lawn if you have an irrigation system.

3. Landscape encroachment

It’s essential to remember that sprinkler systems are buried underground, and if you install them in the wrong place, they could be at risk of damage by overgrowth or roots. This is called landscape encroachment, and it’s a serious risk to your sprinkler system. To avoid it, try to keep your surrounding landscape under control. Clip back any foliage that encroaches around the sprinkler system, and don’t allow lawn growth to exceed your system’s highest level.

Get Your Sprinkler System Repaired By Professionals

Understanding the risks to your sprinkler system and how to prevent them can help you protect your investment for years to come. But, sometimes things happen and you need a professional for repairs. That’s when you should call Spartan Irrigation. We proudly serve residents throughout Lansing, MI, helping them properly install, maintain, and repair their sprinkler systems. So, don’t wait! Contact us today at (517) 882-1826.