We all want that lush, green lawn every year, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it does come with a cost if you’re not careful. Now, we’re not talking about the cost of your irrigation system maintenance and repairs, but rather your water usage. It’s estimated that 70% of our freshwater usage goes towards irrigation. While most of this for commercial agriculture, your lawn’s irrigation system is utilizing the same resources. So today, the Spartan Irrigation team is providing you with some helpful water conservation tips.

4 Ways to Conserve Water with Your Sprinkler System

1. Adjust Sprinkler Speeds

Your water conservation efforts can start this spring. In fact, it’s commonly known that your lawn won’t need as much water in the spring and fall as it does in the dry, hot heat of the summer. So, the best way to conserve this resource is to adjust the sprinkler speeds. If you have a smart sprinkler system, you can adjust your settings to slow down the sprinklers, which means they won’t require as much water and water pressure. 

2. Use Sensor-Based Controllers

Would your life be easier if your irrigation system knew how moist your soil was? If so, then utilizing a sensor-based irrigation system is right up your alley. Small sensors are placed in your lawn’s root zones and sense the amount of moisture in your soil, thus controlling the amount of water needed. These sensors can either be used as stand-alone features or as part of your entire irrigation system. With this water adjustment level, you can rest assured that your lawn is watered optimally every time. 

3. Utilize Weather Sensors

Reducing your water usage when there’s rain in the forecast is one of the best ways to conserve water, especially in the spring. The warming temperatures bring seasonal rains, and utilizing weather sensors in your system can reduce water waste. Weather sensors also know when it’s cloudy, foggy, or even cooler than usual, further helping your smart system regulate water usage and conserve resources. 

4. Pressure Regulators

If you have an older irrigation system, your sprinkler heads probably only have one speed: high. With regular maintenance and repairs, you can rely on our team to install pressure regulators that help check water flow. These regulators give you ultimate flexibility in the water pressure that’s being released through your sprinkler heads. You can also adjust pressure for different zones of your lawn, as not to waste water where it’s not necessarily needed and hit those dry patches better. 

Call Us for Spring Maintenance

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