Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires a reliable irrigation system. And when it comes to irrigation, sprinkler systems from Spartan Irrigation are the go-to option. But like every other mechanical system, sprinklers require regular maintenance and repair. The sprinkler heads are a critical component of the irrigation system that needs frequent upkeep. Sprinkler heads are prone to wear and tear; if you don’t replace them, they can lead to reduced irrigation system efficiency and higher water bills. So, let’s look at the five signs it’s time to replace sprinkler heads.

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Sprinkler Heads

1. Uneven Water Distribution

One of the most obvious signs it’s time to replace sprinkler heads is uneven water distribution. Faulty sprinkler heads can scatter water irregularly, resulting in over-watering and under-watering in different areas. Likewise, clogged or damaged sprinkler heads can cause water buildup in some areas, making them water-logged. If you notice your lawn is not watered evenly, consider inspecting your sprinkler heads to see if they’re clogged, cracked, or damaged.

2. Weak Pressure

Low water pressure is another indicator that your sprinkler heads may require updating. If you see weak water flow or dribbling out of the sprinkler, there could be a blockage or damage somewhere in the heads. This will cause poor water flow and uneven water coverage throughout the lawn. If you see this occurring, it may be time to update your sprinkler heads.

3. Sprinkler Heads Look Damaged

If your sprinkler heads look like they’ve seen better days, they probably have! If the heads are corroded, rusty, or bent, you should invest in sprinkler head replacements. Not maintaining the heads effectively makes them less efficient. So, walk around and note any sprinkler heads that would benefit from being replaced.

4. Increase in Water Bills

Sprinkler systems can rack up significant water bills, and if you notice a sharp increase in yours, outdated sprinkler heads could be the cause. Old, inefficient sprinkler heads that are leaking or wasting water will drive up your bills, so if you see a recent spike in your utility bill, it may be time to upgrade your problematic sprinkler heads.

5. Puddles and Swampy Areas

Another sign that your sprinkler heads might need an upgrade is the presence of puddles in your lawn after each watering cycle. If you notice pools of water in certain areas, this could mean that the sprinkler heads aren’t distributing water correctly or that there’s a problem with the water pressure. A damp lawn can lead to fungal growth and dead grass. So, let’s avoid that with some new sprinkler heads.

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