As autumn slowly gives way to winter, there’s plenty you can do to get your lawn ready. One of the most important tasks is winterizing your sprinkler system. While it may seem simple, Spartan Irrigation explains three reasons sprinkler lines should be blown out before winter.

Why Your Sprinkler Lines Should Be Blown Out Before Winter

1. Prevents Water Damage

Water expands when it freezes, which causes a lot of damage to sprinkler lines full of water. If you do not blow out your sprinkler lines before winter, any water that remains inside will freeze and expand, likely causing burst pipes and heavy repair bills. Properly winterizing your sprinkler system can prevent costly damage to your property and save you the headache of a major repair job come springtime.

2. Saves Money

Burst pipes and water damage can cost a fortune to repair and replace. By investing in winterizing your sprinkler system, you are taking preventative action to avoid these expensive repair bills. Winterizing your sprinkler system now can save you a lot of money in the long run and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe from unexpected damage.

3. Maintains Optimal System Functionality

A well-maintained sprinkler system plays an integral role in maintaining the beauty and health of your landscape. When water left in the sprinkler lines freezes and expands, it can lead to blockages and other functional issues. When spring arrives, your system might not perform as efficiently as it should, leaving your lawn and plants at risk. Therefore, this is just one of many reason why sprinkler lines should be blown out before winter. 

We’ll Take Care of Fall Maintenance

Winterizing your sprinkler system is not just an optional maintenance task but a crucial preventative action preventing future repairs. Blowing out sprinkler lines before winter is simple but can be complicated for inexperienced homeowners. That’s why homeowners throughout Lansing, MI, turn to Spartan Irrigation. We’ll make sure your sprinkler system is ready for the colder months. We’ll also prepare you for spring and keep you going all summer. If your sprinkler system needs to be winterized, contact us at (517) 882-1826.